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Chicos y chicas con bb pin estados unidos, puerto rico y otros

Abbey McEgan
‎27012C5A xxx

Mel Mackay
Lost all my contacts.. :( 260ABE0E no creeps or oldies!

Thalia Mexico
decent chat, keep it real - 28991E8D

Annette Willis
add me 2691441d new to make new friends

Lizz Smith
‎2735863D *

Diana Pool
ladies add this great guy he 23 from london single great that convos n his such cute dimples lol don't miss out what are you waiting for (GIRLS ONLY) 22F9BFD5

La-la Barry

Mark Thompson

Rachael Mackay
Add it please preferably if you live in scotland 22216E28 x

Shannon Hewitson
‎273EA63B anyone can add (: don't want no freaks thoo :l no one over 21 tho cheers :p ♥

Amanda Holloway
add me sheffield people only tho .... 27C998E7 ♥

Trudie Elizabeth Raver
add me 23b871be

Jade Collins
‎2304AA3C dtf

Alisha Hanif Khan
Add me.. M from Pakistan, but living in Malaysia.. Plz no perverts nd No oldies.. :P
My BB Pin 231E9C16 :) C Ya!!

Livvia Lane

Charlotte Jane Greenage

Eska Perdanawati Kahar Putri
pin:23BCAB9B :)

Lucy Turner
‎23979CF3 add linzi, likes it up the bum.

Farhana Baloch
add me my pin :2138325C

Rozina Dharani

Chris Bushell
‎27062a40, 19 year old. decent clean chat and uk only. girls only too

Afroz Arbani 
My BBM Pin add me 22b88c59

Maroof Maniar

Elliot Scott
Add me - 18 Male! 25E6C668 Blackpool or close if possible :)

Ben ten Rockingham
‎224365e8 girls only and that actually talk

Jessica Kate
‎25ED5016 17-20 onlyy♥

Michael Partis
pin:234FA9B6 add me

‎26A061FB add mee :) 

Darryl Burt
‎216E5267 add it

'Leighanne Smith
‎239B6A27 (:

Stacey Redfern

Sophia Nicolls
‎222dc4c5 add me

Aftab Taibani

Caz Emery
add me if you want : 270DEA6E

Laura Fenlon
Only 14-18 Thanks (:♥

Katie Whatley
add me clean chat only you will be deleted if you want dirty chats 234c22b7

Liam 'Enemy-artist' Hall

Adnan Ashraf

Keshia Thompson
‎27892EF4 - new pin,

Warren Wozza B Benton
‎2217A9EA add me peeps :)

Sian Lee Cornelius
‎2324E65E add me :) ♥

Kezzlarr Wilkinson
‎2674292C Add Me :D

Zoeчч 'staarr' Stannardd
‎2613E577.. clean chat only and i only speak ENGLISH! 18 uk 

Juanda Anwar
add me 226F16AD.

I'm 20 male, tan skin. 

Scott Gary Wiseman

Jessica Grace Wood
bored, can't sleep so add me 26AF8FDA, only add me if your actually talk and decent :) I'm 17 btw xx

Kirsty Louise
‎23831274 - 19+, lads only, clean chat only ♥

Amyy Louisee Grieves
add me lads ;) 276cc0e7 19+over 21 that it ,,dont miss this out lads ;)*uK*

Stefan Harradine

Cheryl Çetın Was Bounds
‎233b4b75 over 25s plz an no pervs lmao :-)

Dee Gigante

James Tilston
‎22A92D6B :)

David Jones
‎22553521 add me girls :)

Ryan Kingaby
hi everyone, add me, 23931c44 x

Kayleigh 'kallie' Pollock
‎224A04F5 :)

Jade Hopewell

Casey Sian Jarvis
‎2352F5CB :)

Milo Dutia
‎22C47743! Get Addin, ;D NO FAGS!

Rachel Cross
friendly chats only 276A0A00 x

Mя Floяi
‎22979CB4 :)

Ria Lutener
‎223946CC :)

Peter Ingham
‎22a70558 manchester

Emma King
‎25E5FCB5. :) add me, thankyouuu xx

Lisa Marie Reddick
add me 234E92B5 THANK YOU XX

Anne-marie Eagle
Any1 frm wales add me 26B0EE45

Stephanie Jane Julie Johnson

Eddy Gujar

Dave Evans
‎226b101c male west midlands all adds welcome

Tamie Horrobin
‎260E0BC6 add me. 

Ussy Khan
Gals add m 21F9441A

Chris Brooker
‎22/M/Manchester add me 23326903. Girls only 18+ only.

Scott Dodd

Karen Mcleod
‎22FD4B59! 17 - 19

Ade Jay-rugged Ade

Joe Belfield
‎228c07a3 - girly's you no what to do.

Lizziee Mcjeene
add me 16over 2377803 ♥♥

Lewis Nicholls
‎27A6B63C - add me :) Cheeeeers!! X

Dan Burris
‎21E0AA8D add me

Ellie 'Bee' Rose

Adrian NotTellin
pin:22A553B0 . . .

Laura 'Badger' Townsend
‎273AC141 add me :) 20 - female - walsall ♥

Vikki Ross
‎23A9C148 ♥

Waqy 'Ruthless' Hussain
Add me :D 26B409A3 :p

Mathew Fermor

Iqbal Asad
Add me girls: 25DBD706

Emily Plater
23859CAC girl and boys but over 30 please for the boys x

Ali Wiz Sahinoglu
‎22FEB62D - friendly chats? (:

Jimena Dekker
‎22D4EADC only clean chat i don't swap pics so don't even bother asking ^^

Lorna McHale
‎26A3F09E 18 + :)

Sarah Jebus Carter
‎26749E18 :)

Joe Tudor

Emma Katie Catch Siddons
2397E2DE x

Loni Shannon Muus
‎269ED928 no dirty chat please :)

Drina Kala Douglas
AGE: 21

Ashleigh Christian
add me everyone 216A0D49♥

Paige Struber

Rina Pedoto
‎326C2B1F :)

Carmen Arellano
‎23C10769 add add add. D:

Rebecca Day
‎25E179F9 (:_Xx

Beccie Barnes
‎2356ab39 ♥

Kerry Angel Dust Wilson
ADd me white men no old men from yorkshire 232d3045

Emma Thompson
‎2307D4B4 add me ♥

Tigga Bailey
black peoplee ONLY noo asian or white :D
20e92597 :) x

Ashley Sinopoli
‎3287693A (:

Samantha Ward

Laura Harvey
‎27B35A4D add me please:) only WHITE PEOPLE please

Kayleigh Melles
add me no fools or dirties :) 26A7ABOA IM 21 uk only 

Katie Kj Jacobs
add me 19 to 25 no werid poeple thanks 2252F694

Nicole Pritchard
pin: 2320F65E - no weirdos, and only people who talk english :)

Lizzy Babbyy
add my pin uk people onli :) 23B600DC. :)

Beth Lanexx
Add me 235A7193 ♥ :)

Dallas Michelle Matthew
‎2684C2C2 :) ♥

Charlotte Jane Denniss
‎272A2156 cambridge people only :) x

Toni Allison
boys only♥

Jasmine Jade
Add Me Lads 18+ Only If Ur Gonna Bloody Chat!!! NO PERVS!!!! 2741D32A xx

Shannon Mcdonnell
Add me 2788defc 13 female.

Frankie Webster
‎23bd0ea2....Saskatchewan, Canada...

Leighann Turnbull
‎22F685E3 No Pervs Please :D

Hannah Mc Kiernan
‎2371A311 :]

Sioned Lawson
‎258FF761 add it :) No dirty chats or pics :) just nice convo's :) add add add :D

Stephenie Pikachoo Proctor
‎260AC653 add me no dirty pics just clean chat nice and easy xx

Jamie-leigh Howard
add me bb pin :) im a lovely nice gyal and all round amazing... :P 255BE87B xxx

Mary Mckeown
‎23224748 add glasgow

Sian Lee Cornelius
Add this girl... She is a good friend and very beautiful! Boys don't miss out :D london and surronding areas... 26B27677 x

Mel Harriet Bray-Worrall
‎22352f86 add me if ova 22 under 30. No idiots prevs kids

Debbi Louise
‎232ff45b. Xx

Sadie Martins
London and under 19s only! 228096D7

Katie Jones

Sallyann'x Makin
‎268F0DD3; add me♥
- no pic swaps!
- normal chat!
- 16-18's!

Maria Emily
pin 275F79A1 north east
over 28+ no weirdos. clean chat plz

Kelly ᵇᵅᵇᵞ
‎225A519C - mee ♥

Laura Bishop
‎228e532c lads only - 17 f wales.x

Darcie Sanders
pin:27AB9203 english only- under 20's aswell

Gemma Sharpless

Georginaa Louise Hobbs
‎23828B7F - 18 overs..

Stephanie Jane Julie Johnson

Katie Rees
‎268E5C57 :)

Adele Atkinson
‎27684952 Add It ♥

Melanie Bevan
‎2613B862 males only clean chat!

Tracey Amanda
add me :) ♥ 25FE9A55 ♥

Emma Wilkinson
add me 16 f for a decant chat so get addin :) 26A061FB ♥ x

Kathryn Matthew
‎26db073d ♥

Faith Etchells

Ali Owen
‎21F672AC female uk 20's :D anyone up for chat! Nothing rude!

Chloe Smith
‎23B2FFEA add me (:
16 years young
No weirdos and no perves
I don't do dirty chat x

Amy Nickeas
‎274EE6E2. no pervs, no dirty chats.

Cheryl Hinton
Hey guys,
I'm 23 from the west Midlands Wolverhampton to be precise =)
Have lived in Derby 2 =)
With me what u see is what you get n I'm always up for a good giggle so get addin if your intrested in gettin 2 kno me =)
270708AA x x x x

Lilly Marin
hey :) 229D717C

Rudy Douglas

Janessa Garrison
Add me ~~ 30752A7A

Jackson Lobo
225422B1_---- here is ma pin

Griin Fiirst

Gerii Garlick
25E62059 new blackberryy pin xx

Memon Kashif
Add me .. 18/M India 238AE8C5

James Fall

John Surati
hi Boy & Girl Add This Group

Kisha SayRawr
21F593AB .. filipino , living in kuwait :D

Kenny Yau
Add me 237091D0

Theo Flawless Allanso
30C877E2 anyone add me I'm 17 looking for friends in ABJ to hang out with
 on holidays I school in south africa

Martin Kelly
277865b6 add an swap pic

Paige Jiroux
ASL - 16/Female/England
Blackberry PIN - 20CE0B31

Feel Free To Add Me People, Can Be Anyone As Not Bothered :D

Bambina Bee
253caab3 ... hi guys ... add me ya :)

Rob Taylor
hello u ok? do u want to add me? my pin is 2567b37b

Kimberly Wright
One&OnlyKimberly --->307B00CC Add me!

Kalice Louise Williams

Dennis Becker
hejsan :)

add me --> 20C8C008

Shadi Al-assad
My Blackberry pin 20E904F0

Stephen Smith
20F6BC21 add me

Michael Quirabo
everyone can add me;)

Timothy Harris
Hey peepz this ya boy snoop... add me 305803C7

Aayush Raj Joshi
feel free to add:

Matthew McClare
hey add me if you want, from Syracuse, NY 30A052E3

Mimi Lee
feel free to add♥ just got my first bb bold
make me your bbm friend :) 20DF7EAE

Sultan Al-fard
20EBE227 :-P

Cody Da Jabrony
add me my pin is 35a5081d
just got my blackberry curve 8330

Danielle Anderson

Brown Coco Pops

Ricardo Teco Adame
feel free to add 2132D377

Jamie Johnson
213B817B is new pin ... add me

Douglas J. Ghani
Hi, name's Douglas and just got my first ever BB like a few days ago and would like to add my BBM list, also like chatting a lot...
feel free to add

Wasoom Wsm
feel free to add me, if you are sweet :)
Pin: 210 38 156

Rob Davey
add me 23248fd3

Varun Sareen
girls only , i d like to make friends .. 25E86C39

Matt Phillips

King Sadiq Abubakar
gurls only 2114E4D6

Self Made Links
mine is 2165ec6b add me m/f

Gladys Gift
U can add me,my pin is 237203C5

Kieran McKenzie

Elisha Watson

Aida Eliane
im going to toronto canada soon soo i want some friends from there coz i knw any1
 there soo add me who live in toronto, canada :D 22EE0EA4

Prįñçê Šąm Löñëly
My blackberry Pin. No. 219F50CF add me, i m from Dubai

Muhammed Adam Maiturare

Muhammed Adam Maiturare
  • add my this is my pin 2122C087

Chris Skevington
Add me girls only 2397901A

Sophie Walpole
Add merrick :) 26202F6F

Shelby Boddy
Add me lads mostly,, 2759820A x

Mark Arnold
215C8762 women only thanks

Mary Mckeown
‎23224748 add pin glasgow

Toni-Marie Ward
‎237C0E17 :)

Diane Beckett
Add my pin everyone 27A02476 x

Lukke Amycanfly Stafford
‎2739F403 Girls Only ;)

Diane Beckett
Add my pin everyone 27A02476 x  india

Junaid Jay
heyy jay am 24 Male glasgow girls over 18 and no fakes no naked pixz bs thanks pin:2208a0ca

Sharie Hodkinson'x
Add my pin , 2767D3E6

Amy Priestley
‎261B320D :)

Emma Louise Moss
‎2174440B no pervs or weirdos.

Beth Ince
‎25F0C5A2 :)

Liam 'Enemy-artist' Hall

Johnny Miller
‎25fa0835 ladies add

Darron Stopper
Girls only add me I at bham/manchester 4 the day how on linking add 219395db x

Reece Speed
pin:233cc5aa leicester lad anyone add me :)

Charrelle Dean
Add it-2767D1AE xx

Georgia Mae Fawthrop
Girls only please (: Get addin - 23736548

Bern Hennegan
‎225843DA Add Me :)

Steven Whitehead
add me 2799679F :)

Kev Vasey

Abby Gilmer
‎270be99f add me colchester only plz x

Dannii Gainsford
‎267C24BC add pleaseee need more people /: ♥

Bliss Stimsonn
‎-no begs
-no picture swapping
- &if your name looks like you've stepped ona keyboard; I won't accept kbbz?

Chris Brooker
Add me 23326903. I'm 23.M.Manchester, girls 18+ only and looking for a good convo !!

Stefan Harradine

Djboabspence Hard-Dj Mad-Dj
BBM - 261644b7 ┌П┐(>_<)┌П┐ LP - LP8FY3CC

Ehab Awni

Mohammed Gregory Rabby

Saskia Reed

Ella Redler
‎258A3FA5 :)

Kayleigh 'kallie' Pollock
‎224A04F5 :)

Dan Burris
‎21E0AA8D add it :)

Nicholas Hammond

Jade Colliver
BBP- 2350BFE9
20 +

Anky Khanna
Free 2 add 21edbb22

Nikita Rajani
hi nikki here frm mumbai
BB pin 22a533d8

Gayatri Seth

Amy Dhillon

Ashmi Vasantlal
Just for friendship- 221C7AF1

Nathkat Pari

Pooja Sharma
BB Pin # 235BE157

Rhea Kapur
heyy frdz.... add me if u want to add me 325b9cfe :)

Ankita Kambli
im a girl would luv to chat wid you :)
my pin 21b2bc1f

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  1. my name is andreina hi i am from Venezuela Seeking friends from other countries my bbm 29bde0d2